WEEFUN Tina2 S 3D Printer with WiFi Cloud Print, Ultra Quiet Mini 3D Printers, Heated PEI Platform, Automatic Bed Leveling 3D Printer for Beginners

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Product Description

TINA2s 3d printerTINA2s 3d printer

The compact 3d printer is ready to use, safe and easy to handle for almost everyone!

WEEFUN Tina2S 3d printer has automatic bed leveling system and resume printing function. The powerful smart WiFi cloud printing function makes everything simple and the 40~50dB super quiet driver, provides you with a comfortable and quiet printing environment, safe for children and pets.

It is a surprise gift for birthday or holiday, for architecture art, school teaching, business sample/gift model making, or craft and toy store DIY, etc

2s 3d printer2s 3d printer

weefun tina2weefun tina2

WEEFUN focuses on the R&D and production of 3D printers. We have a strong R&D team, which has developed simpler, smarter and more practical ideas to create high-quality 3D printers, meeting professional and daily needs, so that all customers can enjoy printing. 3D and creation.

Slicer input file formats: .STL, .OBJ, .AMF Print formats: Gcode Supply voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz


Machine print space temperature >15°C/59℉

Nozzle temperature range: 0° – 245°C

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Printing precision: +/- 0.01 mm

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Layer thickness: 0.1-0.4 mm

Build Volume: 100 x 105 x 100mm

Printing interface: USB, microSD card, Wi-Fi, APP Poloprint Cloud: APP supports Android and iOS smartphones and tablets Slicer software: compatible with Wiibuilder, Cura, Simplify3d, Slicr3r PC software systems: Linux, Windows, macOS Filament supported: PLA, PLA pro, TPU, wood veneer

3D printer3D printer

The Tina2S mini 3d printer, fully assembled, has a Wi-Fi cloud printing function, which makes printing easier.

1] »Poloprint Cloud » APP has an extensive library of cloud-based templates that enables local and online cutting and printing on smartphones and tablets. Realize intelligent 3D printing.

2]On PC, you can DIY your own patterns and cut them all at once, quickly download the patterns by WiFi to print them directly, or save them to the SD card to print them.

3]Completely open source, you can also use the USB cable to change the command you want. For the USB connection to the printer, it is necessary to install the CH341 driver, which can be found on the SD card that we put in.

3d printer for beginner3d printer for beginner

3d printer for kids3d printer for kids

3d printer for home3d printer for home

Quick WiFi installation (2.4Ghz WiFi network)

1]Go to App Store or google play to download « Poloprint Cloud » APP.

2]Register your account>Go to « Device »>Select « Configure WIFI Network »>Scanner>WiFi auto configuration will be done.

It only takes a minute to configure the WiFi network! It’s so easy!

Massive Cloud Model Library

The fully intelligent online printing feature provides a fun and convenient experience for beginners, enthusiasts, women, men and children!

Poloprint Cloud provides a large number of free 3D models, you can select your favorite model to cut and print directly with your phone/tablet, as well as control the printing process.

Tina2S WiFi 3D Printer for Beginners

3D printing is a fun way to get your kids interested in STEM concepts from an early age. Through 3D printing, children learn skills in creativity, design and engineering, as well as problem solving.

The Tina2S 3D printer is accessible to 3D printing enthusiasts, whether they are experienced or not, whether they are young or old, to create their project of excellence.

silent printing 3d printerssilent printing 3d printers

led 3d printerled 3d printer

mini 3d printermini 3d printer

3d printer machine3d printer machine

miniature 3d printerminiature 3d printer

LED lighting

The WEEFUN Tina2S FDM 3d printer is equipped with LED lighting for easy viewing and photographing the printing status of the model in a dark space.

New Cooling System

The Tina2 S 3d printer is equipped with a 6-piece aluminum heatsink and a high-speed fan. Rapid heat dissipation avoids nozzle blockage and improves print quality.

Heating PEI Platform

The PEI spring steel magnetic build plate can be heated up to 60°C. It provides better adhesion, prevents warping and improves print quality. It is possible to bend it to remove the prints.

PTFE Copper Hose

High quality PTFE Teflon copper pipe ensures smooth filament feeding, avoids nozzle clogging and improves print quality.

The Tina2S WiFi 3D printer is ideal for classrooms, dorm rooms, craft spaces, homes, and even young children.

3d printer for beginners3d printer for beginners

Super easy to use, beginner friendly. Suitable for individuals, offices, educational institutions and small businesses for sample production.

Schools can use Tina2S printers to introduce students to advanced additive manufacturing technology. Graphic designers and companies design their products to test and customize with this 3D printer. Individuals can print small objects, such as supports , key rings, decorative items and toys. You can also use them to repair kitchen utensils, water taps or other household items. You can also print your own designs on your craft store!


We recommend using WEEFUN commercial filaments. TINA2S is compatible with most PLA filaments for 3D printing. However, print quality and temperature vary depending on the filament composition ratios of different manufacturers. If you use third-party filament, please consider the material quality and printing temperature to avoid nozzle clogging and poor printing quality, etc.

🎁【Fully Open-Source】Tina2S mini 3d printer is compatible with Wiibuilder, Cura, Simplify3d and Slicr3r slicing software, you can diy your own models and fast upload to print on computer, as well as support USB transfer. The printer is fully open source and supports editing commands etc. (firmwares can be obtained on our wiki).
🎁【Quiet Printing Enroment】WEEFUN Tina2S small 3D printers are built-in self-developed motherboard for ultra-quiet printing (40~50dB), faster printing speed up to 200mm/s , an increase in the operating level of the processor 8 times greater.
🎁【Auto Leveling & Resume Printing】WEEFUN mini 3D printers don’t need manual adjustments, auto-leveling with Dual X/Y/Z-axis for easier and more accurate printing. The print resume feature allows models to continue printing in the event of a power outage.
🎁【Heatable Platform & Stable-Print】Upgrade small 3d printer adopts heatable (max 60°C) PEI spring steel flexible magnetic platform, anti-warping, improving the printing effect of models. Built-in PTFE Teflon copper pipe for smoother filament feed. New cooling system with 6 heat-dissipating aluminum sheets and high-speed fan, improving printing quality and avoiding nozzle clogging.
🎁【Wide Using】WEEFUN Tina2s printer is a good choice for men, women and children, a good idea as a surprise gift for birthday or holiday, for architecture art, school teaching , business gift sample/model making, or a DIY craft and toy store, etc.
🎁【Friendly Warranty】We offer 30 days worry-free return/replacement for this 3d printer, 1 year free repair and lifetime professional technical support. If you have any questions, please contact us via support@weefun3d.com, we will get back to you within 24 hours.