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TENNIS VOLLEY | How To Volley Aggressively With Your Feet

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In today’s lesson I’m going to help you with your tennis volley, more specifically the transitional volley you have to hit as you move forward. Many players struggle with this shot because they aren’t aggressive enough with their transition tennis volley.

The success you have with coming forward with your tennis volley has a lot to to do with the footwork. Take a page out of McEnroe’s book and use the jump thru (step thru) footwork pattern.

This footwork pattern will help you feel more aggressive on your tennis volley and keep you moving forward at the same time.

Instead of always loading with the back leg and transferring the weight to the front foot as you volley, you can focus on getting the front foot down before making contact. Once contact is made you can bring the back foot thru with a jump or big step.

This is one of the secrets to moving through your tennis volley without waiting for the ball.

Next time you have a transitional tennis volley, don’t wait or slow down when the ball comes. Get your front foot down first and move through it.

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