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ProBase Plastic Shed Base Foundation – How To Install

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A1 Sheds: ProBase Shed Base – How to Install Installation Guide

PROBASE: NOW EVEN STRONGER! This ULTRA STRONG plastic shed base grid foundation is the only grid system on the market designed to carry a vertical load such as a garden building WITHOUT the need to fill the grids with gravel. PROBASE GRIDS grids are tested empty at 51 tonnes of vertical load per grid, making it EASY for the DIY NOVICE to achieve a PROFESSIONAL quality shed base for your garden building. ProBASE shed base grids are the strongest plastic grid base system available in the UK today and carry a manufacturer’s 25-year guarantee.

BEWARE OF OTHER GRID SYSTEMS: All other grids on the market are gravel retention systems, not shed bases (despite being advertised as such). At first glance, they appear to be the same, however they act in a completely different way. Gravel retention systems are not strong, instead they need to be filled with gravel to give it strength, and it is this gravel that gives them strength. Cheaper gravel retention grids are designed to sit on top of 6″ of a compacted type-1 hardcore sub-base, because they don’t have any load spreading feet. In comparison, ProBASE has proper load-spreading feet, and is designed to sit down straight onto your compacted ground without purchasing additional materials.

ProBASE is available at the lowest price in the UK from https://www.a1sheds.com

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