Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise Tutorial || FIX YOUR FORM NOW + Muscle Gain Variations

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    How to dumbbell bench press was the most requested topic on our last proper form/variation video, so here comes the proper way to fix your form now for the dumbbell bench press. Stop killing your gains and shoulders in your bench press by considering these quick fixes, and add in these bench press variations to your routine for more variety!

    Common Dumbbell Bench Press Mistakes:
    1. (0:27)- Half repping
    2. (1:01)- Uneven Pressing
    3. (2:34)- Putting your shoulder in an awkward position
    4. (3:41)- Improper and unstable setup
    Proper Form: (4:10)

    4 Variations:
    1. (4:42)- Close-grip dumbbell press
    2. (5:02)- Dumbbell fly press
    3. (5:31)- Sven Press
    4. (5:56)- Single arm dumbell press

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