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How to make top quality dreadlocks for friends: Info about a course that will show you how.

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There’s so much publicity of dreadlocking methods that require loads of products and wax and the truth is, you don’t actually get dreads straight away. I’ve been a professional dread loctician for over 16 years and I’ve seen at least 500 people suffer with dreads that aren’t formed properly because they’ve been made with backcomb and product alone. This method involves a lot of dread rolling by the wearer for at least 6 months in order to get tight dreads. If yu wish to go the slow way then my method isn’t for you because it allows you to make instant tight dreads that are perfectly formed. You don’t need to buy ANY products and can totally avoid sticky wax. Learning how to do professional DIY dreads will help save you and your friend money & lots of time and energy!

So, if you want to make some great dreads for a loved one, without using any products or wax then the Art of Natural dreadlocking Course is the perfect solution!

In 6 HD video tutorials you will learn how to use the professional Divine Hand & Hook method to make the neatest, tightest, natural dreads ever! Dreads that don’t involve any rolling or waiting time to be formed properly because this method locks dreads permanently straight away!

Natural doesn’t have to mean free form or neglect dreads. It means intentionally created without any chemicals, products or wax involved. It’s just hair, which is as natural as you can get. This video just gives you a little idea of what’s in the « Art of Natural Dreadlocking » Course. You can click on the link in this description for more in depth info. And yes the final audio « strictly not for business usage » is a parady of other government ads!! just a bit of silliness » Many blessings!

"How to make top quality dreadlocks for friends: Info about a course that will show you how. vous a satisfait ?"

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