#68 | Easily remove build up in dreadlocks with Dish Soap! [TUTORIAL] – @cedlocks

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Occasionally, I will come across a fellow dread head, either in person or via social media, who claims they’ve never had any issues with buildup. But in the 4 years I’ve been a dreadlock enthusiast and wearer, I wouldn’t say that’s the norm. After having the opportunity to influence so many who wear dreadlocks, one of the common questions I get involve cleaning them or removing gunk. And I have no problems saying that I’ve also dealt and continue to deal with buildup.

In fact, just recently I ran into a problem where a few of my dreadlocks had a greasy buildup about an inch from the roots. Now, people would be quick to jump and say, ‘bro, you’re using too many products’. Only to be surprised when I tell that I’m not using any products. My last twist was a water retwist and I use natural tea tree oil and water for moisturizing. I’m still investigating the cause of the buildup, but the fact remains that it doesn’t belong, and I needed to get rid of it.

After a series of washes with shampoos and conditioners, some regular and some natural, I found that while my dreadlocks were nice and clean, those build up spots were actually a little worse, and more prominent. Seriously!

Snapping into problem solver mode, I thought, I wonder if dish detergent could tackle this problem. After all, I’m dealing with a greasy like buildup and this is designed to tackle grease, but still be gentle on the skin. Seems like just what I was looking for.


So, because my hair was clean from the previous shampoo washing, I felt that it’d only be necessary to tackle the spots that I needed to get, which was about 7 or 8. This process is not complicated so I’m going to make it more than it need to be. On wet hair, simply apply a little bit of dish detergent to your hand, then work it in to the affected area. You’ll notice within seconds that the detergent will begin to break down the buildup for the dreadlock. I’d do the handful that you have first, then do a final rinse with warm water. VOILA!

Watch the video for the rest of the details already haha….

Love you all.

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