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Install XBarRemover jailbreak tweak for iOS 11.1.2 – iOS 11

XBarRemover jailbreak tweak allows you remove iPhone X swipe up bar. So first you have to jailbreak your iPhone x device running iOS 11 to iOS 11.1.2 by using Electra jailbreak tool. Electra tool is semi-tethered, so you have to re-jailbreak the device after every reboot. Follow the video guide to install XBarRemover jailbreak app.

XBarRemover tweak iOS compatible

iOS 11.1.2 / iOS 11.1.1 / iOS 11.1 / iOS 11.0.3 / iOS 11.0.2 / iOS 11.0.1 / iOS 11

XBarRemover tweak device compatible

iPhone x

Electra online – First you have to install the zJailbreak app then install Pigsy online jailbreak app. Then you can find Electra online app.

zJailbreak install link –

ZipApp Free link –

Filezila jailed link –

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