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Trying, testing, tasting & reacting to crazy weird bizarre funky and gross food combinations that people love eating. Brothers not twins try eating and test random funny foods you would never eat with your family, kids, brother, sister, or friends. Whether you’re a boy or girl, these good hilarious fun DIY meal ideas which are family friendly and oddly work will have you making edible combinations of your own and react. Whats your reaction?

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Weirdest DIY Foods taste tested in this comedy video:

1. Hot cheetos + milk
4. Doritos + Marshmallows + Nacho cheese
5. Grapes + Ranch dressing
6. Peanut butter pickle sandwich
7. Oreo cookie oreos + orange juice
8. Honey nut cheerios breakfast cereal + cream cheese
9. Pringles + Ruffles potato chips Nutella
10. Doritos + mountain dew soda candy

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"WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!!! *EATING FUNKY & GROSS DIY FOODS* vous a satisfait ?"

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