Tutorial: Rendering 2D Icons as 3D Objects in Blender

Learn how to convert any 2D vector icon into a detailed ray traced 3D render! We’ll use Blender to extrude SVG icons into 3D geometry and render the result with a simple glass material in a smooth lighting setup.

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Software used in this video:
Blender – The free and open source 3D software:

Note: The website mentioned in this video (flaticon.com) has decided to put all their SVG icons behind a paywall. But fear not, there are other places to get different free icons! And even better, some of them are open source too:
Feather Icon (Open source): https://feathericons.com/
Google Fonts Icons (Open source): https://fonts.google.com/icons

00:00 Where to find free icons
00:36 Import and extrude
02:34 Lighting studio setup
05:12 Material setup
05:57 Tweaks before rendering
07:28 Saving the image
08:02 The SVG workflow
09:50 Thanks for watching!

#b3d #opensource #vectorgraphics

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Hamburger icon by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

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