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Quick Tutorial How to Mod The Wii (Goldeneye Wii)

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Sorry for a bad tutorial but some people asked me how to hack(more modding) goldeneye wii!

So here is what you have to do!

  1. Have an SD card with free memory
  2. A Nintendo Wii
  3. A PC
  4. Internet

Here are the links to everything you need!

The website to download the HomeBrew Channel for wii version 4.3: http://please.hackmii.com
How to use:Go to your computer and insert your SD Card. Then go the website and Just put you Mac Address numbers, tick the correct box from what region your from example 4.3E is PAL(Europe) or 4.3U is the american region (UTSC-US). Then extact the file and put into your SD card, then put the sd card into your wii. Go to the mail button on your wii menu and scroll right 2 times then back and you should have a red mail with a bomb in it, press it. Then it will take a min to load then download both files, homebrew channel and boot me. Boot me is just a backup thing if your wii packs up! Its recommended!

The website to download the app on homebrew channel to activate the hacks: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Gecko_OS
How to use: go to your computer and insert your SD card, then go down to links and press download. Then Go to the file and « Extract » then get the extracted and move it into the SD card in the folder « apps ». If you dont have that folder, add the folder and rename it apps. Then eject the sd card and put into you wii!

The download for the code manger to add your codes so you can hack games (Goldeneye): http://www.mediafire.com/?tuthb25ii2w
How to use:I think you extract this file then install to your PC and dont add this file to your sd card. Go and open the the file wih a skull picture on it and do what I say in the video. Also if you want to know how to use it properly, go on youtube and type  » how to use ocarina code manger wii ». After done, eject the sd card and put into you wii! Open the homebrew channel on your wii menu and then when loaded, open Gecko OS. Press start on the menu then you will have your goldeneye wii with hacks! USE LINK BELOW TO ADD CODES!

The website to add codes to your Ocarina Code manger PC(Some codes for PAL only): http://geckocodes.org/?c=SJBP52
How to use: Copy and paste the code into your ocarina code manger. Ubove tells you how to add codes to ocarina code manger.

Please ask me if you need any help.

If you want some more websites to better codes, please comment below what region you are from and I will reply back with the website!

And once setup, you can hack any game on your wii and also custom your wii too!

NOTE: I take no responsibility for any damage caused while trying this tutorial, im not here to scam you or give you viruses or break your wii, if done correctly, everything should be fine :-).

Contact me on Kik:tyfue46
Contact me on Skype:willofbass

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