MyMenuify: Nintendo Wii Custom Themes 4.0U – 4.3U (North American / United States Only)

In this video, I provide some custom themes for those wii North American Wiis
4.0U – 4.3U
This video is mainly for those with 4.1U
For versions 4.0U, 4.2U, and 4.3U, do at your own risk

Solution – First, you need to have the homebrew channel on your Nintendo Wii
Find out how to get the homebrew channel here:
Version 3.0 – 4.2 Smash Stack
Version 4.3 Letterbomb Hack

You can check the version of your nintendo wii by clicking at the bottom right of the wii menu to wii options then on the right click on wii settings and the version number should be on the top right side

Make sure that it is 4.0U – 4.3U

You will need an extracting program if you do not have one already

On your computer, you need to get Multi Mod Manager
You will need the SD card that you hacked your Nintendo Wii with
Download the file
Do the steps as directed in the video to bring the extracted compressed MMM file into the SD Card

SD Card
-things inside MMM

Now you have to get mymenuify

Theme Pack 4.0U-4.3U

Install the correct theme with mymenuify
4.1U themes will always work, so I suggest downgrading to 4.1U for my favorite themes~



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