How to get the Homebrew Channel on Wii without Twilight hack or a Mod Chip. Does not work on 4.3.

UPDATED VIDEO FOR 4.3!! This video will be good for 3.0-4.2 but if you have 4.3 or up go to this video:

I’ve added closed captions!


FAQ: You will just see bubles untill you get homebrew games on your wii.

to get hombrew you go to and click on download. Ecstract the zip file. Then go to the root of your sd card (not in any folders) and create a folder called apps . Then you get the unzipped file and coppy the Hombrew_browser folder that was within the zip to the apps folder. Now you have installed a homebrew aplication that downloads homebrew onto your wii. just go into it the homebrew browser thru the homebrew channel and there will be a bunch of home brew aplicatons that can be downloaded

NOTICE ABOUT UPDATES. If you update uninstall the homebrew channel first. You can do this the way you would uninstall any other wii chanell. If it is updtated to 4.0-4.2 you can re install. If it is 4.3 search Smash Stack
this works with wii menu 4.0 to 4.2

I am not responsile if your wii’s warenty is void or it courupts your wii
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