Forearm flexor release (myofascial). Trigger Point release massage

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These muscles are largely involved with flexion and pronation. The superficial muscles have their origin on the common flexor tendon. The ulnar nerve and artery are also contained within this compartment.The flexor digitorum superficialis lies in between the other four muscles of the superficial group and the three muscles of the deep group. This is why it is also classified as the intermediate group.
Pain in different place of your arm can be caused by a lot of factors. But if pain is located on your muscle there is a big chance it`s a tight spot or triggerpoint. Armwrestling involves a lot of same movements from gripping (wrist and finger flexion). Any kind of moment that has been overdone can cause muscles to get tight. In this video we are showing some ideas about how to do self massage on your forearm flexor muscles using specific equipment and using things you can find in almost any gym. If your forearms get tight try these and leave a comment did it help.
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