Art Vlog 5 | Artist Studio | Floral Watercolor Illustration Timelapse // mary zoles

HI Folks. In this ArtVlog I share my process of drawing my Floral Leaf Watercolor and Inkpen Illustrations. Today I was customizing etsy envelopes, designing Thank You Cards, Watercoloring my Illustrations and drew more Inkpen Leaf Illustrations onto watercolor paper.
I,m a Düsseldorf / Germany based Videoeditor, self taught Artist and Illustrator. In my Watercolor Leaf Art Studio Vlog ‘s / Art Vlog ‘s I share my Illustration and Art making process of Watercolor and Inkpen Floral Illustrations at my home Art Studio. Watch me draw Watercolor Leaves.

I’m selling my Watercolor Art and Illustrations as Original drawings at the Etsy Shop //maryzoles.

The Leaf Illustrations and other watercolor Illustrations are also available at society6 Shop //maryzoles and redbubble Shop // maryzoles. You can follow me on instagram //maryzoles and watch my complete drawing and illustration history at my WordPress Blog //maryzoles


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Shop your favorite Leaf Designs / /

@ my Watercolor Leaf Art / Leaf Illustration Etsy Shop




More / /





Inkpens / /

I use the Edding 1800 Black and Faber-Castell – Ecco Pigment – Pigmented Ink / waterproof / acid-free / maximum lightfastness 0.1 / 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.7
Here is their official pen site if you are interested.

Watercolors / /

I use Reeves watercolor. Visit their site:

I bought them at the « Gerstaecker Shop »

The watercolor palette is this one:


Shot with / / Iphone6

Edited with / / Premiere

Made with / / Love


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