3D Flour Sack Blender Tutorial: Model, Texture, Rig, Animate and Render an animation !

In this tutorial we are going to create an animated shot from START TO FINISH using Blender. I will show you an EASY workflow to create a simple cartoon animation by showing you how to model, texture, rig, animate and render everything. This is a tribute to the first character traditional animators are usually starting with (without the eyes though :p). This tutorial is intended for BEGINNERS TO INTERMEDIATE blender users, even if from time to time things are going to be hard I will try my best to explain steps that I’m doing. Fasten your seat-belt and create your own animated shot in Blender !

Pixar eye reference: http://www.animationboss.net/coco-pixar-animated-movie/

00:00 Introduction
1:20 Modeling
1:15:33 Creating the body texture/shading
1:26:40 Creating the eye texture/shading
1:42:00 Adding hand painted Ambient occlusion
1:50:40 Adding hairs
1:58:00 Preparing the model for rigging
2:03:18 Rigging
2:31:22 Bind the character to the rig
2:57:17 Shapekeys for the eyes
3:07:40 Adding custom properties for the eye controls
3:15:26 Groups, custom shapes and quick fixes
3:31:55 Animating a double bounce walk
4:08:17 Environment, Lighting and polish
4:56:08 Quick compositing
4:58:03 NLA, displacing the character
5:16:39 Volumetrics in EEVEE
5:28:02 Outro



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