WordPress Plugin – Formidable Pro Data Form Creation Demonstration Tutorial With Enhancements

Formidable Pro is the powerful form designer that lets you add new surveys, response forms, customer survey forms and more to WordPress in seconds. The form builder has 30 input form types and more are planned. Add anti-spam control via captcha.

Create a contact us form in seconds. Add conditional logic, custom URL redirection, and much more. Interfaces to PayPal, Aweber, MailChimp, and more. This allows you to show certain web pages based on the user responses. You get form design, custom displays and full data control. Export your leads as a CSV. Take control during the data entry process by adding your own custom code. Formidable Pro works for you.
Creating customer survey forms is a snap. You can ask customers what they think, like and dislike about your company. You can ask about future plans. Think of all of the information that a customer survey could collect. Formidable Pro makes it easy.
Low one-time cost for a single site or upgrade to the unlimited site option.

New Formidable Pro version is now available. This expands the functionality and simplifies the form creation process. Premium version users have more connections to user registration, PayPal interface, country/state address validation functions, autoresponder support, and much more.

Forms are provided via WordPress PHP plugin code. Javascript is supported for better user experience.

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