Windows Install ZURB Foundation 6.0

Step-by-step instructions on how to install Git and Node.js so that you can install and use ZURB Foundation Sass. At the end of the video you will be able to use the foundation cli (command line interface) to create new projects and to have them automatically generate css from you scss / sass files by running npm start / gulp.

UPDATE: If you run into errors, make sure that you do not have any spaces in any of the filenames or directory names in your entire path. Otherwise gulp doesn’t seem to want to work correctly. This is probably pretty good practice in general and I make a point to not use spaces at all in my file or directory names that are development related. Thanks to Jean-Francois for the tip.

UPDATE 2: Reports on twitter about having to downgrade node for campatibility. Details here:

Any questions or comments? Let me know in the comments below. – no longer a gun for hire, but training future guns 🙂


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