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Kahve Dünyası (Turkey) V2 Superbrands TV Brand Video

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Kahve Dunyasi is a Superbrand.


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Kahve Dünyası is a Superbrand.

Kahve Dünyası has created a coffee shop concept like no other in Turkey, offering coffee, chocolate, ice cream and bakery goods sold or served in its stores with the “producer to consumer” approach.

Kahve Dünyası’s success is the product of 70 years of development. Beginning with coffee bean imports, the founders soon established a number of factories producing chocolate and cocoa, growing to become Turkey’s major producer. Expanding as a retail business, Kahve Dünyası opened its first store in Eminönü ın 2004 to offer it’s products directly to its customers.

Kahve Dünyası produces four different product lines in its factories; coffee, chocolate, ice cream and baked goods, all of which are produced with no compromise in quality, using only the finest raw materials without additives, and always shipped at their freshest.

As Turkish coffee requires great expertise and care at all stages—from the careful selection of beans to roasting and grinding—Kahve Dünyası has developed special packaging to maintain aroma and freshness. Kahve Dünyası offers 68 coffee varieties ranging from Turkish coffee to espresso, instant coffee to cappuccino and flavored coffees, cold coffee drinks and 2 or 3 in one instant coffee packets.

Kahve Dünyası produces a vast variety of chocolates, from Madelines to lokum, almond paste specialties, truffles, dragées, chocolate tablets, roche chocolates and Beyoğlu chocolates — all produced from top quality cocoa beans and 100% genuine chocolate raw materials. Its branded chocolates— Bonte, Lavi and Frutibon—help turn new customers into regulars.

All of Kahve Dünyası ice creams are made with the freshest raw ingredients, including 100% sahlab, a product made from dried orchid root. Its mastic ice cream is produced with genuine bush mastic; its vanilla flavor uses real vanilla beans; its chocolate flavor uses Altınmarka’s 70% coco bittersweet as well as milk chocolate; and its fruit-flavored ice creams are always made with 100% real fruit, using no artificial ingredients.

Kahve Dünyası’s menu also features cakes, cookies, sandwiches, pastries, quiche and croissants, all made with home-style recipes using all natural ingredients including real butter, with no compromise on freshness, quality and flavor.

Kahve Dünyası also sells its products online at www.kahvedunyasi.com, which appeals especially to people who have trouble tearing themselves away from their busy work schedule to shop, or who live in areas where there are no Kahve Dünyası stores but wish to enjoy delicious Kahve Dünyası products.

Kahve Dünyası has led the way for its customers, who, after tasting many of the coffee varieties offered for the first time, go on to enjoy them regularly. Serving delicious products made from the highest quality ingredients, in a pleasant environment, Kahve Dünyası makes its customers feel at home with warm and friendly service, mixed with generous complimentary treats.

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