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How to Create a WordPress Membership Site – Best WordPress Membership Plugin

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In this WordPress Video Tutorial for beginners, learn step by step how to create a wordpress membership site. Additionally, we will be reviewing what the best WordPress Membership Plugins are. We will be using the best web design software on the market, WordPress, to make and customize our beautiful website. No coding experience is required, and we’ll teach you how to design your WordPress website easily and quickly.

What will we be learning?

In this video, I will be showing you to create a Membership Site in WordPress from start to finish. Specifically, the membership site will be a free membership site to increase our email list serve. We will be integrating many plugins together:

1. Members Plugin – is the core of our membership site and is what allows us to restrict post content and accept members for our wordpress site
2. My WordPress Login Logo – Changes the original WordPress logo in the login area of our WordPress site
3. Peter’s Login Redirect – forwards new logged in members to our members area dashboard
4. Hide Admin Bar from Non-admins – hides the toolbar for wordpress subscribers and regular members
5. WP Courseware- is the best learning management system and course builder for WordPress. It is what we will use to create our actual course.

Why is having a membership site important? How can I benefit from this?

Membership sites in WordPress are great because they provide a new source for traffic and building email leads. We will be creating a free membership site for our wordpress website, so they will be great for building leads and organizing our WordPress course.

Tools Used in the Video + DISCOUNT CODES:

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WPFORALL60 – 60% off all themes


Members – https://wordpress.org/plugins/members/
My WordPress Login Logo – https://wordpress.org/plugins/my-wp-login-logo/
Peter’s Login Redirect – https://wordpress.org/plugins/peters-login-redirect/
Hide Admin Bar from Non-admins – https://wordpress.org/plugins/hide-admin-bar-from-non-admins/
WP Courseware – http://wpforall.com/wpcourseware


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Custom Code, Files, Special Comments:

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Video Timestamps:

00.55 – Reasons for creating a membership site.
04.42 – The various plugins used.
07.28 – Setting up membership area.
13.24 – What is the members plugin?
16.17 – The wordpress login logo plugin.
16.49 – The peter’s login redirect plugin.
18.08 – Hiding the admin toolbar.
18.28 – The wp courseware plugin.


If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comments below, or contact us at ‪http://wpforall.com/contact
Video originally posted at: http://youtu.be/vv3enfy00No
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