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How to Add GDPR Options to a MailChimp Sign Up Form

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In this video, I show you how to add GDPR options to a MailChimp Sign Up Form. GDPR stands for the European Union General Data Protection Regulation. The Regulation begins May 25th, 2018. Over the last month or so there has been a significant push for businesses that in the EU or have clients/customers/email subscribers/etc. who are EU citizens to be in compliance with the new regulation.

MailChimp rolled out GDPR options last week as part of their Spring update.

How it works
Enable GDPR Options in List Settings
Edit the GDPR Options in the Form Builder Settings
Create Segments from your GDPR Options
Create a campaign, using the Subscriber Alert GDPR Theme to Email Your Contacts asking them permissions for consent to opt in to your GDPR Options you’ve set up
Once opted in, you will need to send emails to those segments who’ve opted to receive the information.

For information follow the MailChimp Guide


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How to Add GDPR Options to a MailChimp Sign Up Form
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