Modding Nerf Guns into Overpowered Blasters

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Jason called Brian a « nerf herder, » but Brian heard « nerf hoarder. » After so long he just got tired of being debased as a nerf hoarder and thought that if he’s going to be accused of it, he might as well enjoy the perks of hoarding nerf products.

Look into your local and state laws, don’t do anything stupid or illegal. At the end of the day, if somebody sees you wielding what looks to be a gun, they will treat you as though you are wielding a gun. Be smart and stay safe!

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Lord Drac’s original video
The District 9 rifle build on Tested
Brian’s Mass Effect gun

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Music used in this episode:
« Melanin » by Mt.Fujitive & ntourage
« Ups n Downs » by baaskaT
« Estate » by DRWN.
« Craft Draft Brewski Bois » by Ian Ewing
« Kakuna » by Glue70
« Me 2 You » by QSTN
« In Bloom » by Mo Anando

This episode was made with the help of:
Brian Brushwood – host —
Jason Murphy – host —
Brandt Hughes – camera operator / editor —
Bryce Castillo – camera operator / live audio engineer —
Bill Doran – expert / prop master —