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IKEA Hack – Kura Bed with slide and secret room

S'abonner a Eric Strong

Durée de la vidéo :8:43

An overview of how I transformed IKEA’s Kura Kids Bed by adding a secret room, slide, pulley, and ball run.

Thanks to all the interest generated on Reddit and Imgur. To address some of the more common safety concerns:

Rope is taken down when son playing by himself.

The posts at bottom of slide have been sawed down and rounded since this video.

The electric socket is no more dangerous than any other in the house.

An adult can disassemble within seconds if he is stuck inside.

And regarding comments about house fires and secret rooms: The idea that kids die in fires when they hide in secret rooms because firefighters can’t find them appears to be an urban legend. My internet search failed to find a single case of this ever happening.
(Feel free to post info contradicting this, but I will be unconvinced if it’s of the variety « my neighbor’s brother-in-law was once a firefighter and he said… »)

Video includes pictures of these awesome Kura hacks:


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IKEA Hack – Kura Bed with slide and secret room
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