Tutorial: Painting a chicken in watercolor

Materials: – a fine brush (I use a Nova brush from Da Vinci in size 2) and a medium soft brush (I use a Silverbrush Oval crescent brush in size 1/4) – a sheet of watercolor paper (I uses the « The collection » range from Hahnemuhle in fine grain) – 3 colors: Pink Flamingo (Les Couleurs VF), Sennelier red and Vessie green (Sennelier) – a pencil and an eraser The hen is one of my birds favorite to paint with watercolors because she takes a lot of funny poses. Have fun painting the plumage using blends then add texture! Find more watercolor tutorials and articles on https://mirglis.com/
Online course on fusion technique: https://mirglis.com/cours-en-ligne-fusions
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mirglis/

Music: bensound.com License code: SFVZIOCGPEYFPR5C

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