Blender Architecture Addon Tutorial, Interior Design Floor Plan to 3D

Tutorial video to show Blender free architecture addon to make Interior design floor plan 3D drawing and modeling in Blender 3.0 or later. This is quick tool build-in addon in Blender 3.0 called Archimesh, which can make 3D floor plan by building rooms, doors, windows, roofs, etc. In the last part of tutorial, we can know how to make a room and how to make 3D render floor plan in Blender. Hope this helps. Please subscribe this channel, more video will be shared with you.

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0:00 Intro – Blender 3D modeling Architecture Interior Design with Floor Plan
0:15 Add 2D Floor Plan
1:14 Activate Blender Add Archimesh
1:39 Add walls for Rooms
6:19 Add Doors
9:02 Add Rail Windows
10:56 Add Panel Window
13:48 Make Auto Holes on Walls
15:17 Display Measurement
15:35 Make 3D Floor Plan Render Preview


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Have fun with CG, to make it simple.
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