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How to Make MARSHMALLOW FONDANT – The Best Fondant Recipe for Cakes and Cupcakes

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Make this Easy Marshmallow Fondant at home – perfect for covering cakes & cupcakes!

This video is part of our FOUNDATIONS Series, showing some of the basics of fondant, baking tools and chocolate melting & colouring. Check out the full foundations playlist Here: http://bit.ly/1j2tiGt

Ingredients List:
450g / 16 ounces white marshmallows (I prefer mini marshmallows, if you can get them)
2-4 tablespoons water
900g / 2lb (about 8 cups) sifted confectioners’ sugar
1/2 cup vegetable shortening – Crisco in the USA, Copha is good in Australia though you will need to soften the copha slightly as it’s usually stored in the fridge and quite solid.

For the full step by step printable recipe, click here: http://bit.ly/2gJNNkc

Wooden spoon
Measuring spoons

STORAGE: Room temp – 2 weeks, In the fridge – up to 1 month, wrapped tightly in a double coat of plastic wrap or stored in a zip lock bag.

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