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How to DIY Kawaii/cute Electric Guitar Polymer Clay + Resin Tutorial

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Durée de la vidéo :6:34

Hey everyone! This is PolymomoTea and for today’s video I have a how to make/diy/craft/sculpt this cute/kawaii little musical instrument electric guitar tutorial made out of polymer clay and resin.

You will need polymer clay: an oven bake clay that hardens once baked according to instructions. Commons brands I use are fimo, sculpey and premo. Bought from Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Joanns or Amazon. Air dry clay works just as well.

Resin: a compound that is time curing into a hardened plastic material. I used UV resin, but you may also use 2 Part resin. Link to UV resin here: http://bit.ly/2j9mnn8 and look up “UV resin”. UV resin requires curing in direct sunlight or under a UV lamp, I use a UV lamp used for nails/nail art.

The mold maker I used is called SortaClear. But at the craft hobby store, there should be many varieties of mold putty that should work as well! However, unless the mold is clear, you cannot use UV resin. But 2 part resin should work just well.

***Please refer to my FAQ Playlist for tricks, tips and tools

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How to DIY Kawaii/cute Electric Guitar Polymer Clay +...
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