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Fimo Professional Clay Extruder review by Tracey Jones

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Durée de la vidéo :4:28

Cooksongold customer Tracey Jones reviews and demonstrates the Fimo Professional Clay Extruder: http://bit.ly/2k3HlqW

The FIMO Professional Clay Extruder Tool Set is a comprehensive tool set for extruding, featuring 20 different interchangeable discs for creating shaped lengths of polymer clay. Operated by a crank-style handle, the extruder is easy to operate, requiring minimum effort and can produce continuous strings of polymer clay without stopping, unlike other clay extruders which produce limited lengths at a time.

The extruder is also very easy to clean, and can be used with FIMO Professional, FIMO Soft and FIMO Effect. The 20 shapes provided in the set include Circle, Half Moon, String, Line, Hexagon, Square and Teardrop: http://bit.ly/2k3HlqW

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