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DIY: Watercolor Sketchbook (No Bookpress)

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Songs used:
▲Fresh- Lincoln Grounds/Richard Rayner
▲War- Martin Hall

Here’s an easy bookbinding tutorial! There’s a lot of reasons why I wanted to make a watercolor sketchbook

1. There aren’t great watercolor sketchbooks out on the market right now that have artist grade 100% cotton paper. Pentallic used to make a great watercolor sketchbook but they discontinued making them (**EDIT: Amazon has the Pentallic sketchbook now! I bought it and it’s pretty good!) . Arches has a good sketchbook but it’s pretty pricey for the amount of paper inside.
2. I could customize what size I wanted
3. I could choose my favorite watercolor paper!
4. Watercolor paper is trickier to bind because of how heavy-duty it is. So I thought I’d share a method to an easy way to securely bind paper together.

▲I used scrap regular kraft paper for the cover. You can use more ornamental paper for the cover but I personally care more about functionality than appearance
▲If you want to see a no-sew method to making a watercolor sketchbook, comment below!

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