CUTE MINI CHIBI KEYRING TUTORIAL- How to make a base plush for an anime keychain- Cloctor Creations

Helllloo!! I’m back with another tutorial, and this time it’s a base for a chibi keyring! People I know seem to love these so I thought I’d show you all how I make them 🙂 (Sorry for the blurry camera quality at times, my better camera recently broke, I need to get a new battery for it)

You can make these into anything you like be it an anime character, a band member or any kind of human character! The templates are literally just a sketch I did of a chibi at the size I wanted 🙂

Stay tuned on my channel to see what I turn these lil’ chibs into ^.^

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~’Tricot’ fabric (still trying to find out what fabric this is!) used in pattern 1-
~ Cream Polar Fleece-
~White Thread
~Polyester Stuffing- Local Sewing Store


~Fabric Scissors

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~Water Lily- The 126ers

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