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A WHALE OF A CAKE! – My cute little blue whale cake tutorial | Sweetwater Cakes

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I had a “whale of a good time” making this “whale of a cake!” Okay, enough of the whale jokes… Seriously, this cake is easy and cute to make. It would be perfect for a birthday party, baby shower, or other celebration.

This cake reminds me of the song « Baby Beluga! » I loved singing that song when I was a kiddo.

Start by frosting the cake with a crumb coat and then a final coat (or whatever your frosting method may be). Then make the little whale fins, belly and spout with a 50/50 fondant gum paste blend. Add a face with buttercream, and then top the cake with your fondant/gum paste pieces. And it’s done! I know that your cake will be just as cute as mine. 

I had so much fun creating this cute whale cake. Thanks for watching!  Subscribe for more sweet free tutorials and cake TV!

Supplies and Equipment Needed:
3 six inch cakes
buttercream frosting: light blue, black, white, pink (or the colors of your choice)
fondant/gum paste blend: light blue, dark blue, white
turn table – recommended
icing tips or icing nozzles: 12, 3
icing spatula
paper, pencil and scissors
towel rod or skewers

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Hi there, I’m Michelle! I have been baking my whole life, and teaching baking and cake decorating classes for a few fun years. I love helping others create fantastic cakes and treats for their friends and family. A cake from the heart beats a store bought cake any day! If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy baking tips and love creating tasty treats, subscribe to my channel!

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