T3 3D Printer, 250mm/s Fast FDM 3D Printer with Clogging Detection, Quiet 32-bit Mainboard, Auto Leveling, Easy to Use Printing Size 220 x 220 x 250mm

Price: 223,09 €
(as of Sep 08, 2023 13:58:44 UTC – Details)

Fully silent printing with XYZ-E axis: Equipped with a 32-bit intelligent silent motherboard and a new updated four-axis XYZ-E silent driver, the operating noise of the T3 printer can reach 45 decibels. Enjoy the fun of 3D printing without the noise issues.
Filament Clogging Detection: If the clogging detector detects a clogging problem during printing, the T3 printer will stop and resume work once the problem is resolved. This smart feature significantly improves the success rate of your 3D printing.
Filament breakage and power-off detection: The T3 printer’s built-in detection device tracks and records the printing process. Printing stops when the error occurs. Then you can click to continue printing. The T3 printer guarantees worry-free printing.
Auto-leveling with 3D Touch: The T3 printer’s auto-leveling technology compensates for the platform’s 16-point print height to achieve precise leveling. One-click quick automatic upgrade, convenient and quick.


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