Monocure 3D 3DP-3775CY CMYK Cyan Resin DLP/SLA 3D Printer Pigment, 30ml

Price: 18,13 €
(as of Nov 08, 2023 15:06:07 UTC – Details)

The Monocure 3D CMYK Pigment Kit is designed for use with Monocure 3D resin, so custom colors can be created to meet individual needs. These pigment dispersions were developed for 3D printing applications where UV light is used to cure the resin layer by layer
Compatible with other 3D resins: Despite its special formulation for Monocure 3D resin, the pigment can also be used effectively with other 3D printer resins.
Perfect for 3D Printing: Ideal for 3D printing applications that use UV light to cure resin layers to improve overall print quality.
Stable Pigment Dispersion: The unique formulation ensures a robust polymer shell around each pigment particle, which ensures increased stability in color mixing.
IDEAL WITH CLEAR OR WHITE RESIN: Cyan pigment is particularly effective when used in combination with clear or white resin, resulting in vibrant, vibrant results.

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