ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro 3D Printer MSLA UV Light Curing Resin 3D Printer with 6.66 inch 4K Ultra Monochrome LCD Screen, Printing Size 143×89.6×175 mm³

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ELEGOO provides 3D printer related products, including MSLA 3D printer, FDM 3D printer, washing and curing station, 3D resin and related printer accessories.

We believe that 3D printing technology is the key to innovating and creating a future of endless possibilities.

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【Powerful COB Light Source】The upgraded free-form surface COB lens consists of 36 highly integrated UV LED lamps. It is combined with a Fresnel lens to provide a uniform beam of 405nm wavelength, which allows for a smoother surface finish and incredible print quality.
【Large Build Volume】With a large build volume of 143.43 × 89.6 × 175 mm (5.647 × 3.52 × 6.8 inches), you can print a large model or batch print in one single task, which saves you time and greatly improves your productivity.
【Designed for Reliability】Non-slip hex socket leveling screws work with sandblasted oxide surface build plate for stronger grip and more stable printing. PFA film has less release tension for high printing success rate.
【Better Printing Experience】The built-in activated carbon filter can effectively absorb and filter resin odor and pungent fumes, giving you a new printing experience. Powerful copper heat pipe and cooling fan enable faster heat transfer and better cooling efficiency, extending the life of your 3D printer.


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